to be nowhere — Live Performance by Léann Herlihy & Matt Kennedy

Léann Herlihy, Beyond Survival Expert (2022) 16mm film photograph
Photographer: Niamh Barry

to be nowhere will be a live performance by Léann Herlihy and Matt Kennedy. Stemming from a t-shirt which Herlihy wore whilst culminating the majority of research for the middle of nowhere, Kennedy will respond to this with a series of three verses focusing in part on process of becoming and resonating with Eva Hayward’s axiom: ‘I am of my body’ while also looking to Henry David Thoreau, Queerness, Transcendentalism, theories of the Wild, abolition and transitional spaces.

Although this will be the closing event of the middle of nowhere, Herlihy will attempt to personify nowhere as a continuous sense of embodiment which will remain active long beyond any formal understanding of a closing event.

Date: 8pm on Friday, February 25th
Site: Project Arts Centre, Dublin
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