(de-)centring the middle of nowhere — publication & billboard

I am mapping out the unmappable; tracing the cognitive line of nowhere in a bid to bring you somewhere — even if only fleetingly so. For this is a cartography of the middle of nowhere; a site that belongs to all yet is desired by few; a lacuna of queer longing.


a cartography of the middle of nowhere is a map which attempts to (de-)centre the middle of nowhere. Navigating through cognitive terrain, Léann Herlihy uses anecdotal references to highlight how the middle of nowhere becomes a subjective area of geographic desire wherein each individual’s map is informed by autobiographic, mythologic and embodied performances of the self.

Don’t be fooled by the publication’s size! Unfolding out into a large scale map, the publication packs a punch with it’s speculative text, pragmatic diagrams and an exercise for the reader inside!

In tandem with the publication launch on Saturday, Febuary 12th, a mobile billboard, (de-)centring the middle of nowhere, will be driven around the island of Ireland on Saturday. Throughout the day, snippets of the text accompanied by images of the mobile billboard will be released on Project Arts Centre’s instagram.

Date: 11am on Saturday, February 12th
Site: Available to purchase at Project Arts Centre or order online here.

Date: 11am on Saturday, February 12th
Site: Everywhere